F.A.I.R.®: Tradition and Technology

Action bodies, trigger plates, iron fore-ends and barrel extractors pieces are milled from forged steel ingots. This is because many customers dislike alloy receivers and prefer steel parts

Slender profile action body, internal batteries with double safety notch.

Action body with protruding design and slender profile for Jubilee models and rounded profile for PATHOS model.

“Old Silver” surface chrome on steel and nickel-plating on aluminum.

Walnut checkered wooden butt plate

For some series models oil-resistant rubber recoil pad that, in combination with the X-CONES®, dramatically softens recoil

Fine pitch laser checkering with double grip pattern.

Interchangeable steel convex hinge pins.

Double or single trigger available on the same action body.

Single oversize block (30,50 mm for 12 ga.) on double lugs.

X-CONES® Long and soft connection cones for recoil damping, also available for small gauges (18.4 Ga.12). Narrow bores to assure improved penetration and speed even when using steel shot.

Competition version:
Checkered large “Strada” top rib with central aim line.

Fiber optic sight with millimiter adjustment (for special version).

Sporting versions equipped with TECHNICHOKE® SPORTING XP70 (70MM) STEEL-SHOT tested.

Selective long-stroke ejectors.

TECHNICHOKE®: 3 versions of interchangeable chokes XP50 (12-16-20-28-.410 ga.), XP70 e XP100 (12-20 ga.) with the same housing and 18 parameters (12 ga.)

Special three- alloyed steel barrel machined out of bored bars. Internally chromed bore and chambers for improved lifespan and corrosion resistance and better-distributed shot patterns.

Barrels 12and 20ga. STEEL-SHOT tested.

Slender fluted beaver-tail fore-end for a better handling and aiming.

Checkered and ventilated top rib with anti-flare finishing.