New lines just for hunting which express themselves in the best manufacturing technology in symbiosis with the Italian gun making tradition.

F.A.I.R.® is proud to introduce our new range of over-and-under hunting shotguns in the name of the Italian armorer tradition. Guns that have not to be considered as marketing products but products studied, tested and produced to answer to the expectations of all the hunters in terms of quality, reliability and precision. The quest for perfection, attention to detail, interchangeability of components: these are some of the pillars on which this new hunting line is based and which becomes a condensate of technological news, that space from innovative finishing techniques to new high-resistance materials.
The new hunting line is divided in 2 products typologies: OVER AND UNDER and SIDE BY SIDE. The over and under line includes 7 families: LINCOLN GAME – PREMIER – SLX 600 – SLX 692 – XLIGHT® – SLX 800 – JUBILEE. Instead, the side by side shotguns has divided in 3 families: ISIDE, ISIDE PRESTIGE and ISIDE VINTAGE. Each hunter will certainly find the most appropriate shotgun for his needs and desires, from the solid PREMIER to the specialized GOOSE, SLUG and BATTUE models, from the extra-light XLIGHT® to the JUBILEE and JUBILEE PRESTIGE models, researched for its different performance and the ISIDE, unique for the design and constructive sophistication.