To better understand the F.A.I.R.® history and the attainment of one of the first realities and reference point at Italian and European level, in the production about over/under and side-by-side shotguns, we can sum up all in the words of Isidoro, F.A.I.R.®’s founder, which express the reasons for such success: “Our hunting and shooting shotguns are not collector’s items, nor they aren’t marketing products designed in a small enclosed space. Our shotguns are created for a very specific goal of responding to the expectations of all our hunters and shooters friends, in terms of reliability, precision and elegance. This is the initial target that we have always pursued and that many competitors today try to imitate”.

With the spirit that distinguishes all our production, we are proud to introduce the new “Anniversario” model, produced on our 50th Anniversary since the F.A.I.R.®. foundation. This new model, besides to being produced in the classic 12-16-20-28-410 gauges in scaled action (ga.410 on action ga.28), it is characterized by a wonderful engraving completely performed with new generation laser with 4D vision system, while the woods, with special fine checkering, are in super selected classes with super luxury oil finishing.

Model Gauge Chamber mm/inch Barrel cm/inch Chokes System Stock mm/inch Weight Kg Approx. PACKAGING
ANNIVERSARIO 12-20 76/3” 68/26 3/4”
TC XP50 5 EJ-MS 368/14,50” 3,100/12-2,800/20 V500L
ANNIVERSARIO 16 70/2 3/4” 68/26 3/4”
TC XP50 5 EJ-MS 368/14,50” 2,950 V500L
ANNIVERSARIO 28-.410 76/3” 68/26 3/4”
TC XP50 5 EJ-MS 368/14,50” 2,800/28-410 V500L

MS = single selective trigger
EJ = automatic ejector
° = All versions can be requested double trigger


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