Jubilee models


Viernes, 31 MAYO 2019.
Jubilee models

Presenting the new Jubilee shotguns line, F.A.I.R.® wished to be loyal to its inspiration of creating a line of over-and-under shotguns combining classic design and the most modern technologies.

Our Jubilee models are characterized by an elegant and refined style with protruding profile actions, fret-worked top lever, golden crown on the top lever, a new Prince of Wales stock design and owl-beak wood fore-end, selected high-quality walnut with fine-pitch checkering and wood butt plate.

An appealing feature of these new over-and-under shotguns is their exclusive construction based on four different action bodies for 12, 16, 20 and 28 ga.: F.A.I.R.® is proud to be one of the very few manufacturers in the world offering a 16 ga. over-and-under shotgun using an action specifically designed for this caliber.

The Jubilee and Jubilee XLIGHT® models have the same configurations but differ in the material used for their action: chromed steel for Jubilee, ERGAL 55 (aluminum alloy used in aeronautic applications) with nickel plating for Jubilee XLIGHT®.

The Jubilee model is available in 12-16-20-28-410 ga., while for the Jubilee XLIGHT® model in 12 and 20 ga.; they are equipped with TECHNICHOKE® XP50 and steel shot-proofed (12 and 20 ga.).

The Jubilee and Jubilee XLIGHT® models are delivered in an elegant thermoformed case mod. V500SP. An important note is on the particular presentation of the Jubilee Sporting model produced in ga.28 and 410 for the new generation that is approaching to the shooting world.