Rifled Bore Shotguns

F.A.I.R.®’s world-renowned slogan “TRADITION & TECHNOLOGY” perfectly summarizes our philosophy and is the cornerstone of our approach to the production of rifled guns. While the manufacturing process is still extremely complex and mostly carried out by hand, F.A.I.R.® has worked alongside our technicians and specialized contractors and artisans to develop our production cycles, including new adjustment systems, new barrel-welding procedures, a broader use of interchangeable components, making us an international leader in this market segment. Our new line of rifled guns includes the following models: “SAFARI”, o/u express rifles, which are among the lightest available in the market today; “COMBI”, 12 and 20 gauge combination guns; absolute novelty the versions Side by Side rifles, with the models "ISIDE SAFARI" and the “K500” models, Kipplauf rifles with a slender and soft line. An important feature of SAFARI, COMBI and ISIDE SAFARI is their optional smooth-bore barrel.