Sober but at the same time elegant this products line is the most required by the strong resistance shotgun lovers. These also belong to the SLX 600 family and they distinguish in SLX 600 SLUG and SLX 600 Battue.

They are particularly suitable for the boar and woodcock hunting in the wood, where shoulder the shotgun is of primary importance and they share the same configuration with fibber optic sight with millimetre adjustment, differentiating on the sight organs: special rib combi of 12/8 mm with arrangement optic assembly and fixed rear sight with yellow insert for the SLUG version and top rib Battue with red central line for the BATTUE version.


Model Gauge Chamber mm/inch Barrel cm/inch Chokes System Stock mm/inch Weight Kg PACKAGING
SLX 600 SLUG 12
76/3” 55/21 2/3“ CL/3 EXT-MS 368/14,50” 2,800/12
SLX 600 BATTUE 12 76/3” 55/21 2/3“ CL/3 EXT-MS 368/14,50” 2,800 BOX
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  • MS = single selective trigger
  • EXT = estrattore manuale
  • ° = All versions can be requested double trigger
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