Competition Shotguns

F.A.I.R.® has developed our new line of competition guns with great care and attention; the result is a series of extremely accurate and strong shotguns, ensuring the most appropriate product for every level of performance. From MASTER models, conceived for beginners, to RACING or CARRERA® models, for shooters who demand high-tech instruments, all competition guns are manufactured with the same philosophy: reliability, easy aiming and durability. Specially-designed and developed for the different shooting disciplines, all the new F.A.I.R.® competition shotguns share the same features, such as ergonomic stocks, our X-CONES® system (a soft recoil-damping cone connecting barrel to chamber) and the anti-flare checkered upper rib with a central aiming line. The new competition line includes four different models, such as the solid MASTER, the elegant and refined SRL 802 and the fully-optioned CARRERA® and RACING.