Our Design Department uses advanced CAD/CAM systems to develop and organize the interaction of the different mechanical components, simulate their dynamics and understand the resulting effects and all possible implications.

Each mechanic component is scientifically and rationally designed in compliance with all mechanical and physical requirements.

Our manufacturing process is performed by advanced CNC machine tools, ensuring perfect compliance with our design specifications. The high level of standardization assured by these complex working units makes it possible to machine fully-interchangeable parts, assisting the assembly and maintenance of F.A.I.R.® guns. Semi-finished parts with extremely low surface roughness are then hand-finished, adjusted and set up; these final manual processes are performed on all of our shotguns, regardless of their price level or target market.

This shows how the traditional hand working of our skilled craftsmen, precious inheritance of artisan schools developed inside the ancient workshops of our territory, continues to play a major role, in harmonic symbiosis with all the most advanced means offered by inexhaustible technological progress. This symbiosis is the essence of F.A.I.R.® reality: an industrial company able to maintain its handicraft approach, its production care and refined taste as consolidated methods of production.

Quality controls and tests start since the earliest stages of production. Systematic dimensional and metallographic checks are performed before the final test at the Italian National Proof House in Gardone Val Trompia, where all smooth bore shotguns are tested in compliance with current C.I.P. (Commission Internationale Permanente pour l’Epreuve des Armes à Feu portatives) regulations.

All F.A.I.R.® shotguns are fitted with prime quality wood parts, matched and assembled to action bodies by careful embedding. Our product range extends from standard pieces offering excellent quality at good prices, to precious custom-made shotguns with exclusive finishing, mechanics and engravings; special pieces that provide an enduring testimony to the refined artistic and technical skills of the ancient gun-making region of Val Trompia.