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Tuesday, 26 June 2018.

Special steels and exclusive mechanics are the strong points of F.A.I.R.® RACING shotguns.
The solid locking system, large lug, careful hand-finishing and extremely accurate set-up are the finest features a shotgun should have to assure top-quality performances.

The configurations are all produced with protruding action profile in both ga.12 and ga.20, with attractive burnishing and gilt decorations, central aiming line (ga.20 excluded) on a STRADA-type large top rib, gold adjustable single trigger, special anti - muzzle rubber recoil-pad and interchangeable chokes: TECHNICHOKE® SPORTING XP70.

In RACING SPORTING and RACING II SPORTING versions the ergonomic stock has the XR-STOCK® adjustment system and they have oil finishing with FX-WOOD system (OPTOWOOD patented). The RACING II SPORTING models have ergonomic Montecarlo stocks and 15 mm top rib, while the RACING H14 model presents a 14 mm large rib with double fiber optic sight. These guns are delivered in an elegant case mod.V500L (mod.V500SP-H for the RACING II SPORTING model).