Iside Vintage


Monday, 29 October 2018.
Iside Vintage

From the ISIDE project, that has been a great success among lovers and sector magazines of all over the World, births the continuation of a dream the realization, always in integral action body, of the classical product for antonomasia the “Side-by-side with external hammers”.

The F.A.I.R.® designers made an effort at the best and from only 2 years from the “ISIDE” project launch is born the “Italian side-by-side with external hammers, manufactured with new technologies and with a classical aspect” from here the model name “ISIDE VINTAGE”.

The ISIDE VINTAGE side by side is supplied with normal Extractor, double trigger, classical colour hardened action and high quality woods with checkering made with fine-pitch laser.
ISIDE VINTAGE is the classic, ready to hand for the true hunting lovers. The peculiarity which makes ISIDE unique, besides its action body, based on “demibloc” soldering on barrel ejector at piaster. ISIDE is a real Goodness for elegance, lightness and versatility.