Disassembling and assembling instruction for over-under shotgun


Tuesday, 17 April 2018.

If you wish to disassemble the gun for transport or storage, proceed as follows:

1. Place the safety switch to SAFE.

2. Make sure the shotgun is unloaded.

3. In the center of the underside of the forearm stock, there is a release lever located in an oval depression in the wood (Picture 11 over-under) or a release button positioned at the top end of the forearm (Picture 12 over-under).

To remove the forearm, push the button or pull the release lever toward the rear of the gun while pulling the front end of the forearm away from the barrels. Move the top lever to the right and open the action.

The barrels may then be lifted away from the action.

Reassemble in reverse order. It is not necessary to pull the release lever when re-installing the forearm.
Place the rear end of the forearm position, then push the forearm toward barrels. It should snap easily into place. Do not use excessive force.

NOTE: Further assembly of your shotgun is not recommended and should be done only by an authorised gunsmith or by F.A.I.R.®
During freezing conditions, oil may congeal and cause sluggish operation of your gun, therefore it is recommended that only a very thin coat of light oil be used in these conditions.
Condensation droplets of water may form soon after a cold firearm is brought into a warm room.
The gun may also become wet during inclement weather. In these cases all moisture should be removed immediately to avoid the formation of rust.
Exterior metal finishing may be wiped down with a lightly oiled cloth.
For long term storage, lightly oil the bore, barrel and action with gun oil. Your firearm should be completely unloaded and stored in a dry area. Never store your shotgun in a carrying case.


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