• Happy new Year!!
    Sonntag, 31 December 2017

    We wish you a happy new year for all of you and your families.
    F.A.I.R.® Staff .

  • Season's Greetings!
    Montag, 25 December 2017

    Buon Natale 🎄

    Merry Christmas✨

    Joyeux Noël 🎊

    Feliz Navidad 🎉

    Frohe Weihnachten🎁

    Dienstag, 28 November 2017

    F.A.I.R.® designed our XLIGHT® models for the most demanding hunters, as a result of thorough research to provide an extra-light shotgun with the same solidity and performance of traditional products. The action body of this gun is made of a special aluminum alloy called ERGAL 55, used in the aeronautics industry.

  • SLX 600 SLUG and BATTUE
    Mittwoch, 18 October 2017

    Sober but at the same time elegant this products line is the most required by the strong resistance shotgun lovers. These also belong to the SLX 600 family and they distinguish in SLX 600 SLUG and SLX 600 Battue.