• Premier models
    Montag, 26 August 2019

    The mechanic assembly quality, the selected materials research, and the strong line have allowed, in the years, to the PREMIER models to become one of the product most commercialized at international level.

  • Summer Time
    Montag, 12 August 2019

    We wish everyone a pleasant summer break, see you in September!!

    Enjoy your Summer time !!

    Dienstag, 23 July 2019

    Luca Rizzini, F.A.I.R.® C.E.O., was a guest of Mauro Riga in the episode dedicated to him on the television series PERCORSI, broadcast on Sky, channel 235 Caccia. Mauro Riga's journey has arrived here in Val Trompia, the cradle of Italian arms production.

  • Video | Carrera® Sporting ga. 12
    Sonntag, 30 June 2019

    Competition shotgun Carrera® Sporting ga. 12