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TECHNICHOKE® interchangeable chokes are a vital tool to adapt to the different situations hunters face during the season. For competition shooters, the use of TECHNICHOKE® is becoming more and more of a "must".

For this reason, F.A.I.R.® has decided to offer these advanced interchangeable chokes in 12 - 16 - 20 - 28 ga. made of crude-alloyed steel with R85-100 resistance.
Three versions are available: HUNTING XP50, SPORT XP70 and IN/OUT XP100. IN/OUT XP100 chokes are surface burnished for a better camouflage; HUNTING XP50 and SPORT XP70 are nickel-plated (internally and externally), which gives the TC choke an improved capability to withstand salt mist exposure. In addition to improving corrosion resistance, nickel plating makes the "TC" choke extremely bright, with an even surface and increases surface hardness (500/550 HV).

F.A.I.R.®TECHNICHOKE® have been produced with the same type of material for over 25 years, are steel shot proofed and their internal shape has been specially designed to ease the flow of shots, improve penetration and reduce internal friction.
These chokes have different lengths: XP50 chokes are 50 mm long, XP70 chokes are 70 mm long and XP100 chokes are 100 mm long. Unlike our competitors, we preferred to design one single housing in the barrel, so that our shotgun user may avail of a full range of chokes of different lengths with over 18 choking parameters. At the same time, inserting longer chokes with lower ballistic yield also prevents barrel weakening.

During the manufacturing process, our TECHNICHOKE® are subject to several "IN PROCESS" quality controls in compliance with AQL 0.4 standard.
TECHNICHOKE® are available for all models in 12 - 16 - 20 and 28 ga.; the full set includes the assembling/disassembling key, 2 TECHNICHOKE® inside the barrel and depending on the different models of shotgun, 1, 3 or 5 optional chokes in a separate box.

Number of slots
on Choke
Measure in
Type of Choking Type of Choking Type of Choking
I 9-11/10 0 Full 1 / 1
II 7-8/10 00 Improved Modified 3 / 4
III 4-6/10 000 Modified 1 / 2
IIII 2-3/10 0000 Improved Cylinder 1 / 4
IIIII 2-10 Skeet Skeet Skeet
No Slots 1-10 CL CL Cylinder 0 / 0

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