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SAFARI:As every gun lover knows, the manufacturing process of Express guns is still very delicate, complicated and mostly carried out by hand; this is the reason why F.A.I.R.® employs and contracts specialized technicians and workers with long experience in rifled guns. The Express SAFARI models are available in four different configurations: SAFARI FXW, SAFARI 500, SAFARI DE LUXE, SAFARI PRESTIGE. All are constructed based on 20 ga. action bodies, the SAFARI models are reliable, elegant and easy to handle, thanks to their light weight of approximately 3 kilos. An accurate barrel shooting convergence is extremely important for all SAFARI models. The barrels are aligned by hand in our shooting tunnel; acceptance testing requires two shots to be fired per each barrel within a diameter of 50 mm, from a distance of approximately 50 meters. An important additional feature of SAFARI models is the optional pair of interchangeable smooth-bore 20 ga. barrels. Valuable finishing enhances the DE LUXE and PRESTIGE models, with their Bavarian-style extra-quality stocks and the Safari FXW with a walnut FX-WOOD stock (Optowood patent).

100% Italian Made

Model Gauge Canna
SAFARI FXW 8x57Jrs - 9.3x74R 30R Blaser
30.06 - 270W - 308W
6.5x55 - 243W - 7x57R - 6.5x57R
55-21⅔"   2,950
SAFARI 500 55-21⅔"   2,950
SAFARI DE LUXE 55-21⅔"   3,050
SAFARI PRESTIGE 55-21⅔"   3,100
  • Of series
  • By request
  • MF = single trigger
  • EJ = automatic ejector
  • EXT =normal extractor
  • Stock Length mm 368/14,50"
  • Package = BOX
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