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JUBILEE: With this new series of Jubilee shotguns, F.A.I.R.® wished to create a line of over-and-under shotguns combining classic design and the most modern technologies.
Our Jubilee models are characterized by an elegant and refined style with protruding profile actions, fret-worked top lever, golden crown on the top lever, a new Prince of Wales stock design and owl-beak forend, selected high-quality walnut with fine-pitch checkering and wood butt plate.
An appealing feature of these new over-and-under shotguns is their exclusive construction based on four different action bodies for 12, 16, 20 and 28 ga.: F.A.I.R.® is proud to be one of the very few manufacturers in the world offering a 16 ga. over-and-under shotgun using an action specifically designed for this caliber.
The Jubilee series includes five models (the Jubilee and Jubilee XLIGHT® models are shown on this page).
The Jubilee and Jubilee XLIGHT® models have the same configurations but differ in the material used for their action: chromed steel for Jubilee, ERGAL 55 (aluminum alloy used in aeronautic applications) with nickel plating for Jubilee XLIGHT®.
The Jubilee model is available in 12-16-20-28-410 ga., the Jubilee XLIGHT® in 12 and 20 ga.; specially-developed and dedicated actions are used for 12-16-20 and 28, while the 410 ga. is manufactured using the same action as the 28 ga. 12-16-20 and 28 ga. shotguns are equipped with TECHNICHOKE® and steel shot-proofed (12 and 20 ga.).
The Jubilee and Jubilee XLIGHT® models are delivered in an elegant thermoformed case (art.V500SP).

100% Italian Made

Model Gauge Chamber
Barrel Length
Chokes System Weight
68/26¾" 71/28" 76/30" EXT EJ BG MS MSX
JUBILEE 12-20 76/3" TC XP50 5   3,150/12-2,850/20
JUBILEE 16-28 70/2¾" TC XP50 5   2,900/16-2,800/28
JUBILEE 410 76/3" 3/1-4/2   2,700
JUBILEE XLIGHT® 12-20 76/3" TC XP50 5   2,700/12-2,500/20
  • Of series
  • By request
  • EJ = automatic ejector
  • EXT = normal extractor
  • BG = double trigger
  • MS = single selective trigger
  • MSX = single selective trigger adjustable
  • MFX = single trigger adjustable
  • Stock Length mm 368/14,50"
  • Package = V500SP
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