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Rifled Bore Shotguns / ISIDE SAFARI (Side By Side)

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ISIDE SAFARI: Is it possible to improve perfection? The best way to find out is to try. That's exactly what we did when we set out to develop the "Iside Safari" family of side by side rifles. The development process began before the ad hoc adaptation of Iside constructive design and, at a later stage, substantial changes in the architecture of the weapon were added in order to make rifles for big game hunting of exceptional strength without compromising F.A.I.R.®'s traditional refinement. The result of this work is a family of weapons based on three main models: Iside Safari with smooth "white" action and manual extraction; Iside Safari EM with engraved action, automatic ejection through large ejectors; and Iside Safari Prestige with the same mechanical design but with the addition of side plates. The rifles of the Iside Safari series are recognizable by the reinforced break-action, mono-block barrel coupling, and by the particular stock design: a classic represented by the pistol stock design with different shapes and the EM and PRESTIGE versions with Bavarian stock design, and the beavertail-forearm for a comfortable grip. Another unique feature of these rifles is that they come ready for the installation of telescopic sights.

100% Italian Made

Model Gauge Barrel Length
System Weight
ISIDE SAFARI 8x57Jrs - 9.3x74R - 30R Blaser


55-21⅔"   2,800 V400SP
ISIDE SAFARI EM 55-21⅔"   2,800 V400SP
ISIDE SAFARI PRESTIGE 55-21⅔"   2,900 V400SP
  • Of series
  • Optional
  • EJ = automatic ejector
  • EXT = normal extractor
  • MF = monogrillo
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