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Competition shotguns / CARRERA®

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CARRERA®: Manufactured with the highest professional care, CARRERA® shotguns are the result of intensive research and shooting in top-range competitions, for the purpose of designing an appealing gun with excellent performance.
Barrels are made of high-resistance materials, sand blasted with anti-flare finishing (excluding the CARRERA® HSX SPORTING model) and burnished. For CARRERA® SPORTING and CARRERA® MONOTRAP shotguns, barrels are ported to reduce muzzle flip. In all CARRERA® models, barrels have the X-CONES® system for recoil damping.
Stocks and fore-ends are made of selected walnut with fine-pitch laser checkering. All stocks are adjustable in height, right and left cast and dip, thanks to our XR-STOCK® system. CARRERA® SPORTING and CARRERA® MONOTRAP feature a sporting-type stock; CARRERA® HSX SPORTING feature a huntingtype stock.
All CARRERA® models are equipped with a fiber optic sight with three interchangeable inserts in three colors and XR-TRIGGER®, offering an adjustable length of over 14 mm. All versions have a magnum chamber (76mm-3") and 70mm-2¾" SPORT XP70 TECHNICHOKE® interchangeable chokes.

100% Italian Made

Model Gauge Chamber
Barrel Length
Chokes System Weight
71/28" 76/30" 81/32" EJ MS MSX
12 76/3" TC XP70 5   3,600
12 70/2¾"     TC XP70 5   3,450
12 76/3" TC XP70 5   3,500
  • Of series
  • By request
  • EJ = automatic ejector
  • EXT = normal extractor
  • BG = double trigger
  • MS = single selective trigger
  • MSX = single selective trigger adjustable
  • MFX = single trigger adjustable
  • Package = V500SP
  • Stock Length mm 368 / 14,50"
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